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Annually, Driftwood Theatre hosts a resident playwright during its summer season. In 2018, Emerging Canadian playwright Alicia Richardson will work alongside Rosalynde company members for five weeks, developing her play Solve for X, originally created as a site-specific play for Driftwood’s 2018 Trafalgar 24 festival.

Encouraging the classic plays of tomorrow, Driftwood’s Beyond The Bard program supports one playwright annually from Trafalgar 24 in the development of their work. This process of writing and discovery culminates in a series of readings for the public. Be among the first to witness the creation of what could be the next Canadian classic.

“The Trafalgar 24 competition was hugely beneficial for my creative process. I became a surgical writer—operating in a clean, efficient way without getting too attached to the “body” in question. In the eerily quiet castle that night, I stumbled upon unchartered creative territory: a psychological thriller. The genre fascinated me and intimidated me, and until then I had never even attempted it. In that strange basement hallway, somewhere between too little sleep and too many carbs, I finally wrote my first thriller!”

“Funnily enough, a super-hero movie was my biggest inspiration: Marvel’s Black Panther. I really identified with Eric Kilmonger (the supposed villain) because he was acting out of pain. I personally know the struggle of being black in America; it’s justifiable to want revenge. I wondered: can we ever truly heal from generational traumas? What’s the psychological landscape of black men who commit violent crimes, and how do we rehabilitate them? I just couldn’t think of a story that really spoke to this premise, so Solve for X was born.”

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