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2017-2018 ARTISTS

The Hot House consists of 6 – 10 emerging to established artists/playwrights, with works in progress and proposals that reflect the mandate of the company. Over the course of the season, playwrights will develop their work under the guidance of Artistic Director Marjorie Chan.

The unit exists to jumpstart creation, nurture stories – as well as the voices telling them – and see the creation through from vision in mind to product on page. It is a place where artists/playwrights can be each other’s support system; an environment that encourages creative curiosity, artistic collaboration, the exchange of theatrical ideas and exploration of different creation processes.

There is no application process to be part of the unit. Acceptance into the unit is by invitation only and at the discretion of the Artistic Director.

Tsholo Khalema, Aaron Jan(dramaturgy intern), Alicia Richardson, Amanda Cordner, Kanika Ambrose, Jasmine Chen, En Lai Mah, Raf Antonio– (not pictured) April Leung, Izad Etemadi, Jo SiMalaya Alcampo


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